Horse keeping

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Riding stables and horse boxes
A good and well-kept box in a beautiful stable is one of the most basic things in horse keeping. Many equestrian enthusiasts therefore attach great importance to the choice of stables. The solutions range from full-service boxes to open stable concepts on your own property.

Finding the right stable
One of the most important points in the search for the perfect riding stable is the way the horses are kept. In addition to classical boxing, more and more horse lovers are becoming friends with open stable concepts or other forms of keeping. Some animals are kept outside all year round, depending on their breed. Also here it is important to have a nice shelter for bad weather or cold winter nights.
Equipment of a riding stable

Already in the stable building itself there are big differences in the equipment. If there are large spacious boxes in one place, others are distinguished by extensive accessories and other systems such as horse walkers or solutions for keeping horses outdoors.

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